Mold can be a serious health risk in your home or business, causing allergies, asthma attacks and other respiratory problems.

If you are worried that there is mold in your property, then we are here for you. Call us today for your peace of mind.

Our Mold Mitigation Services

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If your home has suffered moisture damage due to flooding, leaks, or plumbing problems, our mold remediation services must be sought immediately. Not only does mold growth destroy property but it can also pose serious health risks for you and anyone living there.

Studies have even demonstrated that children are especially vulnerable to allergies to dampness and mold – with studies showing they could increase their chances of developing allergic rhinitis by up to 200%!

Mold exposure not only causes allergy symptoms, but it’s also hazardous to your lungs. It has the potential to trigger asthma attacks, aggravate respiratory illnesses and even lead to lung cancer.

Our Fort Worth mold mitigation company can help you avoid the potential hazards that mold contamination can present bring you.

Residential Mold Mitigation Fort Worth

Mold damage has the potential to create a number of issues within a home or property’s environment. Microorganisms such as mold can thrive when abnormal moisture is present, leading to structural deterioration and unpleasant odors for building occupants.

Untreated mold can cause serious and even fatal health complications for its occupants, including allergies, respiratory irritation, gastrointestinal disorders, neurological damage, and endocrine dysfunction.

Our Fort Worth mold mitigation team follows a strict protocol to minimize exposure, eliminate the mold completely, and prevent regrowth. This involves containing the spores, creating negative pressure, eliminating the mold, and sanitizing the area to eliminate any residual odors.

Commercial Mold Mitigation Fort Worth

We provide comprehensive commercial mold remediation services to guarantee your property is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected and its occupants are safe. This process includes containment, cleaning and/or removal of any materials contaminated by mold growth, as well as a clearance inspection to confirm compliance.

Our team follows a strict protocol to minimize exposure while still guaranteeing mold removal is complete. During the cleanup, our crew dons PPE (personal protective equipment) for health reasons like HEPA respirators and gloves to protect themselves during this process.

Mold can grow on a variety of materials, such as wood, plastics, and drywall. Depending on the extent of contamination, these surfaces may need to be wet vacuumed, damp wiped and/or HEPA vacuumed in order to eliminate mold odors and particles from them. Air ducts can also be treated with negative air pressure to prevent the spread of spores from one area to another.

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Preventing mold growth in your home is usually the best method. This involves fixing plumbing leaks, making sure HVAC systems run optimally, and making sure all areas of your house are dry.

Without proper control, mold can grow rapidly and cause irreparable damage to your property as well as present serious health risks.

To eliminate mold, it is essential to thoroughly clean up and discard affected materials. For instance, if porous materials such as ceiling tiles or carpets become wet and moldy, it may be necessary to take them apart and discard them safely.

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